belle de nuit

rêve de carignan

la féline

esprit d'automne

le vin du sorcier

le charivari

la belle aude

le gypse

le rosé

It’s a pleasurable white, meaty but with balance, the sort that you can open as easily for an aperitif as for a chic dinner party. Its golden robe gives out toasted aromas of tabacco, pineapple and white peach. In the mouth it’s fleshy, meaty, with good acid balance. The aromas that we found on the nose are present and re-enforced by the smell of spice cake.
This Minervois white, created from 90% marsanne grapes and 10 % Muscat petit grain, grows and ripens on a very special land at the foot of an ancient glacier, planted on limestone and marl ripped from the mountain by the glacier. The grapes which reach the limit of over-ripe are picked in the cool of the early morning, before being directly pressed. The juice is clarified by cold treatment and the fermentation process is thermo-regulated. It stays in vats for 3 months before being bottled.

Serving temperature : 6° to 8° C.

Keeping : habit says to drink it in the year following bottling, but frankly this – bad – habit comes really from the fact that we love it so much in its fruity stage that there’s never a bottle left when the next year comes around. If we were more reasonable we would keep it for 3 to4 years…

Accompanying dishes : apart from aperitif, this wine can be served where you would normally serve a light red : fish in mustard and thyme sauce, ducks breast lacquéd with acacia honey and lime, things in cream, scallops or shell fish in the oven, tasty cheeses…