belle de nuit

rêve de carignan

la féline

esprit d'automne

le vin du sorcier

le charivari

la belle aude

le gypse

le rosé

If Latin blood was a wine, it would certainly be Belle de Nuit. A sensuous, generous carnal wine that seems to offer everything at a glance, at the first sniff….however with this one be patient: under her blood red robe are hidden all the tender secrets of Andalusia nights, a feria of aromas of spice, with an intimate mix of tenderness and violence.
Yes, be patient and in 5 or 10 years it’s a gypsy dream that you’ll see dancing under Seville moonlight in your glass. This fiery character is due to the alliance between 100% bubbling Grenache and the cool of the land at altitude, hanging on to the slopes of the Black Mountains the Montage Noire, a region tortured by erosion with a variety of soil types from flint, marl, limestone and silica clay. As it should be, the grape harvest is manual, then long fermentation with the aging – 18 months –carried out in the vat and the bottles, not in wood, so that so as not to mask the finesse of this wine for the initiated.

Serving temperature: 16°C

Keeping : delicious fruit after 2 to 3 years Belle de Nuit can keep for 10 years and even longer for certain vintages.

Accompanying dishes: young, Belle de Nuit goes well with spicy dishes, a beef stew or paella. When it matures its time to imagine higher flying dishes such as a song thrush with streaky bacon or a brochette of skylarks !