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esprit d'automne

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More than an introduction, Esprit d’automne heads the collection of the Borie de Maurel grand wines. with its mineral taste, this point of graphite, followed by perfumes of black olives, tobacco, spices which remind us of its origins in the limestone and clay plateau of petit Causse. Then there’s the fruit, these aromas of morello cherries, red fruits and a finalé of mint and liquorice. Finally, by this extraordinary sensation of unctuous harmony, smooth balance and serenity, so characteristic of the reds of the Domain.
It’s made from Syrah (40%), carignan (30%) and grenach (30%), hand picked, delicately vinified following a local ancestral method and gently brought up with no trickery. Esprit d’ automne is the wine for every situation, a wine of many talents. Whilst being an archetype of Minervois red, with a good dose of de-contraction, spontaneity and conviviality, it’s the base of the Borie de Maurel style.

Serving temperature : 16 ° C Can be served cool at 14°C in summer.

Keeping : Delicious fruit on opening. Keeps well for 5 years.

Accompanying dishes : the wine for all occasions, goes as well with grilled meats, meats in sauce as with exotic, spicy food..