belle de nuit

rêve de carignan

la féline

esprit d'automne

le vin du sorcier

le charivari

la belle aude

le gypse

le rosé

Let your eyes plunge deeply into this purple robe, with its intoxicating violet reflections. Dare to admire its legs. The Feline’s like that: seductive. Its perfumes, its aromas pass over you like caresses.
Like Sylla the Feline is a concentration of the Michel Escande style of wine, voluptuous, heady without excess,
where each mouthful calls for another. The first notes of black pepper, cumin and tapenade are intense. Then the finer notes, of thyme, Mediterranean herbs and ripe red fruits, an almost fig-like taste. In the mouth its like lace, all finesse and elegance, in a froufrou of soft spices and cherry. But beware! Behind this apparent simplicity is hidden an astonishing complexity that the years will only embellish and amplify, as with a beautiful woman…
This “gallant wine of fine dinners” is the fruit of an assembly of two thirds syrah and a quarter of Grenache, spiced up with a touch of carignan. All the grapes, hand picked from the limestone and clay plateau of Petit Causse, are de-stalked before being fermented gently for a long time. The wine spends at least 16 months in the vats. There’s only light filtering.

Serving temperature : 16°C.

Keeping : It’s a wine that has practically no low point. Delicious from the moment it is released, it seems to be proving a great aptitude for keeping – we have less info about this wine as its only been around since 1998  :  6 or 7 years maximum.

Accompanying dishes : a gastronomic wine that will compliment a leg of lamb just as well as veal in sauce.