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If you come to visit the domain, avoid wearing shiny, stiletto heals and “Sunday shoes”.
The wines at Borie de Maurel hang on to the rocky slopes of the Black mountains. This land has always been known as le petit Causse. It’s so special that in 1999 the first appellation village of the Languedoc was born - . AOC La Livinière.

The other particularity of the lands of Borie de Maurel is the diversity. To simplify, let’s say that this immense geological dump splits into two families: the hot soils with an under layer of sandstone, with accumulations of clay and limestone sediment with low water retention ; this is the favourite spot for the mourvedre, Grenache, carrignan and cinsault, the wines are generally heady and strong….- the high lands - which can be as high as 300 meters altitude, these long of fingers of scree of marl and limestone, ripped from the mountain by erosion and the ancient glaciers ; the part mixed with marble and slate, benefits from cool air descending from the peaks in the evening, after a stifling hot summers day. This meso-climate, linked to the topography, insures the maturity of the syrah or the marsanne which fills with all that mineral taste, so characteristic of Borie de Maurel. Its the expression of a “terroir” - the taste of the land.

It’s with these two land types and long observation of which grape variety to plant where; the different vine stocks and how they react, that maps out the wines from this domain. The expression of a terroir is to respect the balance of nature and to install a system that’s adapted to the environment. Here we have invented nothing, we get by with good sense and the immense knowledge inherited from the Elders. No place here for the fertilisers and dangerous pesticides, what’s more, in the vines where we gather wild leaks each year, the ground is naturally enriched with horse manure from our two Percheron mares Luna and Ninon, who started their first season of work in 2005.