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Maxime is controlled power, the interior strength, noble without affectation. Silent but formidably deep, structured but incredibly velvety, this is 100% mourvedra – the grape created by Levant - a Med. version of cabernet sauvignon. In order for this grape variety to fully express itself it has to be combined with the right land; in this case fine sandy clay huddled up in the scrub lands “garrigue,” with south west exposure, sitting on a thick bed of broken sandstone and millstone grit. The vine stocks need to be old, the yield kept low with hand picking and de-stemming.The wine spends between 20 and 45 days fermenting and then 18 months to mature in big, oak casks, containing 600 litres called demi-muids.
The result is a great wine that keeps wonderfully, dark and concentrated, with notes of spices, the aroma of fig and leather, with silky tannins which impose a voluptuous, peppery, never-ending.

Serving temperature  : 17°C

Keeping : 10 years without any problems.

Accompanying dishes : surely the ideal wine for big roasts of lamb. Try it with duck with olives, young wild boar on a spit, hare, or after five years of age, with boletus mushrooms or morel mushrooms in sauce.