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Even if Borie de Maurel has become a large wine estate, with 35 hectares of vines in production and as much land again in garrigues and maquis, everything has stayed the same as the first day. In Felines, Mondovino, International capital, the stock exchange… are unknown: here everything happens like a family.
Michel Escande, assisted by Paco Guiterrez Ortega, deals with the vines and the wine cellar whereas Sylvie et Marie-Agnès Laleman assure a welcome at the domain. They also deal with  the management and commercial side of the business. Since 2001, Sylvie and Michel’s oldest son Gabriel has joined the team, and has already launched his first bottle, Nature!. Of course, at Borie de Maurel, all work on the wine is performed manually. The grape picking is carried out in the “traditional” manner, at least 15 days later than neighbouring farms and villages, in order to have perfectly ripe grapes.