belle de nuit

rêve de carignan

la féline

esprit d'automne

le vin du sorcier

le charivari

la belle aude

le gypse

le rosé

Is it a wine or a myth? Difficult to say…
The dark infinitely long juice, with its intense bouquet, that flows from this bottle opens up new universes. Millesime after millésime, for ten years now, the miracle has been reproduced and the mystery remains intact. The rare few, who have had the chance to penetrate” the wizards den”, Michel Escande’s wine cellar, know that once the grape harvest is finished, the cuvee Sylla already resembles no other wine, it’s a world apart

Everything starts in the vines, of course. Hanging on to the slopes of the Montagne Noire, the vines are planted the length of fingers of scree of marl and limestone, ripped from the mountain by erosion and the ancient glaciers. The altitude, which can be as high as 300 meters, also plays a leading role, when, after a stifling hot summers day, the cool air descends from the peaks. This allows the slowing of the maturing process for the syrah, the exclusive grape used for this wine. The grapes are hand picked, carried in small quantities and delicately placed into the vat to ferment in the simplest possible way with whole grapes. The maturing process happens, without the use of wood, for between 15 and 18 months, depending on the year. Once bottled, whether you drink it young or patiently age it, you can’t “blind taste” a Sylla. A symbol that’s continually, renewed, often plagiarised in the Languedoc, this wine can always be recognised.

Serving temperature : 16°C.

Keeping : 15 years, but this goddess begins to deliver after 3 or 4 years ; consult the winery at !

Accompanying dishes : obviously a wine for great occasions ! One of our best recent experiences was a capon from the mountains stuffed with truffles from the Minervois ; we already knew it, like us, Sylla adores truffles.