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At Borie de Maurel its obvious that we like wine best at table. How could we possibly produce great bottles without enjoying eating, without knowing and appreciating the taste of things? That’s why at the domain we kill our own pigs, eat tomatoes and salad from Michel’s father- Papy André’s- magnificent vegetable garden, mixing Mami Mo’s eggs with truffles given by the villagers and we adore the meat from the mountains which we get from Dédé Castillon, Féline’s butcher. Not to mention the olive oils –lucques or aglandau - brought from the presses of the Oulibo at Bize Minervois, the thyme from the neighbouring countryside, wild asparagus, wild boar from Ferrals…
So here are a few recipes to let you taste our wines differently, to share the country way of life which we preserve above all and which is far, so far, from junk food. Whether you’re an amateur or professional cook, we look forward to your recipes, to help us discover new dishes that go well with our wines.