belle de nuit

rêve de carignan

la féline

esprit d'automne

le vin du sorcier

le charivari

la belle aude

le gypse

le rosé

It’s the heart of our story, when you get right down to it! All our ideas, all our work, all our hopes and our love are concentrated in these few centilitres of pleasure. Year after year the wines put our lives in bottles. Each represents one of the many facets of Borie de Maurel. Move from the spontaneous Esprit d’automne to the mythical Sylla, passing through the feminine Féline, the masculine Maxime and the enchanting Belle de Nuit, They tell all a "moment" of the domain. Without forgetting le blanc, La belle Aude which has just benefited from a rejuvenation treatment.

Un-classable, a sparkling juice, designed by our son Gabriel, to give the young – and not so young – a taste for wine…

Don’t hesitate taking a look at our old bottles in the winery in order to know more about our latest heart throb and about the present situation of old wines that you, your wine stockist or your favourite restaurant is preciously keeping at the back of the wine cellar...